Somatic Experiencing


The human body is an amazing and powerful organism. Within each one of us we hold an untapped potential, an organic wisdom, that holds the key to our healing, unfoldment and actualizing of our full potential in life. By learning to recognize this wisdom and focusing our attention on this inner support, we can begin on a journey that includes living an empowered, balanced and more fully integrated life. This cutting edge psychophysiological approach to reducing stress and healing trauma is called Somatic Experiencing and was developed by Dr. Peter Levine. This approach offers a gentle, strength based and balanced way of healing by tapping into our innate resources, aiding in empowerment and the renegotiation of  conditioned patterns of stress and trauma that are still carried in the body/mind.  By cultivating mindful attention we can support our own systems in regulating and experiencing deep states of equanimity and well being. Long standing symptoms of anxiety, fear, depression and various after effects of overwhelming experience can often be easily resolved by helping the nervous system reset and find balance. Thousands of therapists worldwide have trained in Somatic Experiencing and are finding it to quickly take healing far beyond what talk therapy alone has offered.


Supporting a gentle and sacred evolution within
As a Marriage and Family Therapist I have been trained to help my clients with relationship issues and a variety of “mental health” problems. After personally experiencing the limitations of “talk therapy” I discovered this beautiful paradigm called Somatic Experiencing. As a trained Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I have learned that many “disorders” and symptoms, beit emotional, psychological, or physical are rooted in nervous system disregulation that can often be resolved with SE sessions. By bringing awareness to our natural resources, we build inner strength and find balance internally, which enables us to more easily move through and renegotiate dysfunctional patterns. This process can include talking and telling one’s story but more importantly it includes being mindfully in the present moment, honoring one’s organic wisdom as it arises in the body/mind and utilizing attention to reweave together the sensations, movements, affect and cognitions that arise to be seen and known. To learn more log onto

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